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MLS Next

MLS Next is an ambitious player development platform and youth soccer league run by Major League Soccer in the United States and Canada. It is designed to serve as the top tier of youth soccer in North America, intended to provide a clear and competitive pathway for elite youth players to develop their skills and potentially progress to professional soccer careers. The program focuses on creating a player-centric development model, emphasizing coaching quality and a more player-focused approach to youth soccer. MLS Next offers a structured competition framework, including various age groups and both boys' and girls' divisions, with a goal to elevate the level of youth soccer and nurture talent in the region. The initiative aims to enhance the overall quality of player development and ultimately contribute to the growth and success of soccer at all levels in North America, making it an integral part of MLS's efforts to develop homegrown talent and enhance the overall soccer ecosystem. For the most up-to-date and specific information, please visit the provided URL directly.

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