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Goalkeeper School

A soccer games can be divided into four main moments; Attacking, Defending and the two moments of Transition. During these four  moments or phases, the modern soccer goalie has very specific jobs to do. The goalie must save shots (Defending), pass the ball to a teammate accurately (Attacking) and quickly move into the right position after a change of possession (Transition). During all these moments the goalie also has to be a verbal leader and a coach.


At our U9 - U11 Goalkeeper School we are teaching the starting goalkeeper the first foundation skills.  

These foundation skills are; the ​starting position, getting the feet set, footwork,  dealing with shots over the ground, at stomach height and towards the face. We also work on falling and diving to make those special saves. Punting, goal kicks, rolling and throwing are also part of the training program.  

In our Buffalo Futures Goalkeeper School, goalkeepers take the first steps into becoming the best goalkeeper they can be! 

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Program Sessions and Info

Session Dates (Monday Nights)

Winter A Session November 7- January 23, 2023

Winter B Session January 3 - April 10, 2023

Age Groups and Times

U9-U11   6:30pm - 7:30pm 

Program Cost

Winter A $150 (11 sessions)

Winter B $150 (11 sessions)


Save 10% if you register for both Winter A and Winter B

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