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 Each contribution has a direct impact on our efforts to increase participation and make soccer affordable and accessible to every child. We are dedicated to providing affordable and accessible youth soccer programs throughout all of Buffalo and Western New York.  Throughout our club's history of being BSC Dynamo, Buffalo Premier, Buffalo United, Empire United and now Empire Buffalo Stallions, we have provided financial aid to help hundreds of kids throughout these communities to participate in our programs. Every donation, large or small, helps us build a better (716) community – your (716) community.

About our 501 (c)3

We, as a 501c3, have a specific Charter grounded in Youth Sports, hence that is the foundation of our Mission: 


The development of youth through sport. 


We provide the youth of Western New York with the benefits of a team sport that develops character, sportsmanship and promotes enjoyment, and allows each individual player to achieve his/her best on and off the field of play.


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