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 Buffalo Stallions  Skill School

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Energize your training experience and compliment your team in an enthusiastic, exciting, and structured environment. Skill school is an innovative, club-neutral training program run by an expert staff, who maintain a player-focused Program,  and provide individual instruction throughout practice. Skill school focuses on improving the player's technical abilities and skills through skill development work, small sided games, 1v1's, 2v1's, and functional game-like drills while maximizing touches on the ball. In addition to teaching ball mastery , the program will also emphasize on individual agility and body mechanics while encouraging proper form and technique with each group of players. Skill school training is for all players who possess a passion for the game and a willingness to learn and give maximum effort during these sessions.

Skill School Training Program

Skill School Training Program Details

When: Monday Nights

Where: Sportsplex


Age Groups: U9-U12 (2015-2011)

Session Dates: Winter A Nov. 7, 2022-Jan 23, 2023

                            Winter B Jan. 30, 2023- April 10, 2023

Cost: $150 Winter A ( 11 sessions)

           $150 Winter B ( 11 sessions)

           $270 Both Sessions (22 Sessions) 10% SAVINGS

We aim to help players develop confidence, develop a passion and learn the correct techniques for success. This allows individuals to reach their goals through purposeful guidance that does not occur during typical team practice.

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Skill School training is designed to be high tempo while encouraging players to be active on and off the ball.  At Skill School, the fundamental technical and tactical skills are the focus, but we also encourage creative flair and creativity. We want to inspire players to find enjoyment and expression within the game

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