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Soccer Club Affiliates

From grass roots to professional soccer

The Empire Buffalo Stallions Affiliate Program is designed to provide soccer technical support and assistance to a select group of clubs,programs,facilities from the Western New York and Southern Ontario area. The program utilizes the technical expertise of Empire Buffalo Stallions and works on building a collaborative model to support a true "player development first" coaching methodology and club structure. Empire Buffalo Stallions and it's affiliates offer a pathway to all levels of competition and provides invaluable resources and expertise of one of Western New York's oldest and most successful player development sports clubs.

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Empire Buffalo Stallions Affiliate Partnership Benefits

  • Communication

  • Training Session Observation and Feedback

  • Match Observation and Feedback

  • Review of Annual Training Plan

  • Buffalo Stallions Schools of Excellence, Talent Centers and Soccer Festivals

  • Empire Buffalo Stallions Academy Team Experiences

  • Technical Support with Coaching Education and Curriculum

  • Support with Curriculum and Coaching Methodology

  • Collaborate with Local Youth Leagues and Soccer Programs


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