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Empire Buffalo Stallions


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Creating a developmental, supportive, competitive, and fun environment for all our players to reach their potential through the beautiful game of soccer.


Empire’s passionate leadership and detailed, holistic approach to long-term player development at every age group support our uncompromising resolve to be the best youth development soccer club in Western New York.


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Player Development: We will always put the player first and develop them in the key components of the game. 


Personal Development: We will always strive to look at the bigger picture and create young people who have the characteristics and traits to succeed away from the soccer field.

Club Development: We will work together as directors, coaches, players, and parents to create a club that we can be proud to be part of. On and off the field we will represent the club in the best possible way, striving to be people the local community can be proud of. 

Future Development: We will create a pathway and future for our players to be successful in all walks of life.



Soccer Objectives of the player pathway:

  • Develop Confident Risk-Taking Players

  • Develop High School Players 

  • Develop ODP and Regional Team Players 

  • Develop MLS Next and Girls Elite Academy Team Players

  • Develop College Level Players

  • Develop National Team Players

  • Develop USL, MASL, MISL, NWSL Players


Life Objectives of the player pathway:

  • Develop Good People

  • Develop People with a passion for the game

  • Develop People who have a love for learning

  • Develop Good Community members and future leaders

  • Develop People who are willing to take risks and work hard in the face of adversity


Our Style of Play Principles are the determining factors of the HOW and WHY we play the way we do. It allows our players to be creative in our framework to solve the challenges that the games present


We believe that our Style of Play will lead to long-term player soccer development success versus the short-term team gains chasing only results.  


When in possession (attacking) we want our players to play ‘with the ball’…this means to play “possession” soccer.  We play possession soccer to move our opponents so that we can then produce quality scoring chances. 


When not in possession (defending) we will try to dictate the spaces/time we allow the opponent to have – to get the ball back or reduce the quality and quantity of their chances.  This means that whatever the match strategy is – it will involve dictating as a team when and where an opponent can go, and how that will allow us to attempt to win the ball back.

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